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HiDeoo's Personal Website

Hey, there!

I am a software engineer mostly working with TypeScript, Astro, React and some Go.
All my projects are available on GitHub.
You can also check out my dotfiles.

Recent Projects

starlight-server-islands-hyperping - Starred 4 times - A demo of Starlight using Server Islands to display an API status widget. starlight-ui-strings-cli - Starred 1 time - CLI utility to quickly add, update or delete Starlight UI strings in all translation files. starlight-heading-badges - Starred 4 times - Starlight plugin to add badges to your Markdown and MDX headings. starlight-plugins-docs-components - Set of opinionated Starlight components used in HiDeoo's Starlight plugins documentations. starlight-theme-rapide - Starred 11 times - Starlight theme inspired by the Visual Studio Code Vitesse theme. starlight-versions - Starred 8 times - Starlight plugin to version documentation pages.

Recent Notes

Recent Contributions